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Our team consists of Programmers in Georgetown and Hutto, SEO Marketers in San Antonio, and a Graphic Artist in South Austin. Our wide range of experience and technical backgrounds means our clients receive the best possible service.

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North Austin Web owner Andrew Frascone is a self-described perfectionist who takes pride in doing the best he can in all aspects of life. As a WordPress web designer, husband and father of two, Andrew is a seeker of balance. He strives each and every day to serve his family and his clients with integrity and passion.

Wordpress Website Georgetown
By: anonymous

You might here about wordpress, well-liked platform for blogging. If not, this short article will provides you each and every in and out about wordpress

Custom Wordpress Web site is open supply blogging depending on PHP & mySQL. In 2003 it came into the market and since then it is one of the top ranking open supply technology. It is flexible that makes you to use without any problem. If your wish to design a fresh and innovative site, Wordpress Website Georgetown will be the good choice. Even it helps you to improve your business. You can hire wordpress developer which is profitable method for developing web since they use CMS tools. Along with template and design wordpress offers you with some additional features like modify fonts, logos, banners etc. Some of the benefits i like to share with you are listed below,

Wordpress provide you the simple feature, you can change the content when ever you needed with internet connection. You need not to go with any software to make the change. It sounds good.

You need not depend on web designer for minor changes. It is simple to use so you can make changes what you need to. It saves you a lot of penny.

You can publish the posts on whatever day you like. You can write blog more than a week and you can schedule to post automatically.

It gives you more secure since it is within area which you own. The uploaded pictures or video cannot be sealed or deleted easily. Wordpress really improved their safety.

Custom Wordpress web site provides you lot of theme that you can change according to the content. More often it can be changed whenever you needed.

Think of the cost when you design a site for mobile users. Custom Wordpress site differentiate the mobile users from person viewing through browser.

So think of with these lot of advantage and it is completely open source. Still do you want to spend lot more penny to PHP developer. If you need user friendly, Secure, Quality design of your site with open source custom wordpress web site is the best choice.

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