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Our team consists of Programmers in Georgetown and Hutto, SEO Marketers in San Antonio, and a Graphic Artist in South Austin. Our wide range of experience and technical backgrounds means our clients receive the best possible service.

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North Austin Web owner Andrew Frascone is a self-described perfectionist who takes pride in doing the best he can in all aspects of life. As a WordPress web designer, husband and father of two, Andrew is a seeker of balance. He strives each and every day to serve his family and his clients with integrity and passion.

Customizing a Website SEO Leander
By: Anony

Now you have set up your Website SEO Leander, it is time for you to customize it to obtain most out of it. Log into your dashboard and click around the settings tab. In the drop down menu click on common tab. Once inside the admin location you are able to customize your website title, tagline, email address, time zone details and save your changes. Whatever, you do, Do not change the WordPress URL and website address URL or your website will not perform. Then click around the tab reading and choose the choice static web page. You are able to pick what you want to be your front page or right after your produce couple of pages you are able to come back and select your principal (front) page and save your modifications.
Subsequent click around the permalinks tab and pick custom structure. Within the box create this; /%postname%/ and save adjustments. If you wish to modify the look of your site you do that by altering the theme. There are many options available on-line exactly where you are able to use totally free themes or for genuine expert look obtain a theme you like. Click around the look tab in your dashboard. In the drop down menu choose theme option and click install themes. On the bottom from the page click on the alternative locate themes. There are entire bunch of themes you are able to select from. Should you downloaded a theme on your computer then right after choosing set up theme click upload and browse where you saved the file after which select set up now. As soon as installed then select the alternative activate the theme. Now you've a brand new appear for your site. If you are using a theme which has sidebar and also you need to customize how it looks. In you dashboard click on appearance and after that select widget. As soon as inside widget menu you are able to then drag and drop widgets into your sidebar and customize it.
Lastly you are able to improve the functionality of the web site by downloading plugins. Plugins are extra software you integrate into your site that gives your website additional features. You will find thousands of plugins online, you simply must Google to find them. To set up them, click around the plugin tab in your dashboard and pick option add new, In the search term sort in what ever plugin you're looking for. When you find your plugin click set up now and when it is installed activate it. When you have downloaded it in your pc select upload and browse exactly where you saved it in your tough drive and upload it and activate it. Some of the must have plugins are as follows:

Wise YouTube. It permits you to show YouTube videos in your post or page. As soon as you download the plugin and activate it, you need to customize it. From settings tab inside your dashboard click on intelligent you tube, as soon as inside select the option to show video inside your post. If you would like you can play about with size of video display and so on. Make sure save your changes. Now all you have to do is copy the url from the video and paste it into your post. Remember if for example your URL is; http://, insert v inside the URL for the video to show, so the URL will look like this; httpv://.
Google Analytics Visits, adhere to the installation process mention above. This important tool offers detail analysis of visitors for your web site.
Google Sitemaps, is really a way to inform Google about pages on your website that they may not otherwise know about.

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